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Vegas desserts! - foodpics

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November 29th, 2010

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07:10 pm - Vegas desserts!
Dessert pizza

Chocolate pizza

The delicious chocolate pizza! We bought a slice and it was soooooo chocolately!

Dessert pizza

Wynn buffet

Pumpkin pie from Wynn buffet.

Wynn buffet

Strawberry shortcake from Wynn.

Wynn buffet

Chocolate mint dessert, Wynn.

Wynn buffet

Carrot cakes, Wynn.

Wynn buffet

All three of these were a type of mousee, but the first one with raspberry had champagne in it. So good!

Wynn buffet

Decided to grab a Crepe with blueberry and apricot I believe.

Complete set of photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariecannabis/sets/72157625338060095/

My Original gingerbread dragon whelp figurines!

Gingerbread cookie dragon whelps

& pumpkin pie dragon figurines!

Pumpkin pie whelp

You can check them out and more at my store: http://www.merflemunchies.com

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